The Ultimate In Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Hunt Riverview Ranch for two great hunting opportunities. Either a fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt or a semi guided free ranging whitetail hunting experience all here in Oklahoma. The whitetail population is thriving on our Western Oklahoma Deer Hunting Ranch, and we continue to have excellent populations of Trophy Bucks and whitetails year after year. One great place and two great hunting options available for you.

Having the opportunity to harvest huge trophy whitetail deer is our specialty. Our Fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting options will provide you with a great opportunity for a big Oklahoma Deer.

These hunts are offered as long as the whitetail are still hard horned but we could hunt all year long.  Riverview Ranch offers Bow, Gun, and Muzzleloader hunting. The Whitetail Deer Hunting is done from elevated stands and blinds over feeders with great shot opportunities between 50 and 150 yards. Test your skills on a spot and stalk Trophy whitetail hunt that will really get your heart pumping. It is a 3-day hunt with lodging which offers all the comforts of home. Enjoy our private Hunting Lodging which includes three full meals and snacks daily. Non-hunting guests are more than welcome at the ranch for a nominal fee to cover lodging and meals.

All of our guided trophy whitetail deer hunts include a fully guided experience, transportation on the ranch, and game retrieval.

Guided Trophy Whitetail Hunts

We offer guided whitetail hunts for trophy whitetail bucks in the 140″ – 200″ range. These are a guaranteed and fully guided Trophy Whitetail Hunt. There is no better place to bag a trophy whitetail buck of a lifetime than Riverview Ranch in Oklahoma which is home to some great whitetail deer genetics. In combination with the challenging terrain, which includes thick tree cover and ridges, along with professional guide services you will find that this is truly a trophy buck hunt of a lifetime and one you will never forget.

Even if you are a seasoned hunter and have been hunting whitetail deer for years but for one reason or another you just haven’t been able to harvest that buck of a lifetime, this hunt gives you the option of a guaranteed shot at a true trophy buck.  Come join us for one of our guided trophy whitetail deer hunting trips!

We offer guided whitetail deer hunts during multiple seasons, and we have several options, including muzzleloader season in late fall, bow season from October through January, and rifle season from mid-November through early December. You may also consider taking advantage of our free ranging whitetail low fence hunting opportunities listed below.

Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt Package Prices

  • 150″ Class Whitetail $2,500
  • 160″ Class Whitetail $3,500
  • 170″ Class Whitetail $4,500
  • 180″ Class Whitetail $5,500
  • 190″ Class Whitetail $6,500
  • 200″ + Class Whitetails $7,000


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Three meals and snacks are provided daily. Firearms are also provided upon request. Find out about our customized corporate hunts or treat yourself and friends to a getaway.

We also offer wild hog hunting and exotic hunts, call to learn more on pricing and availability.

Free Ranging Whitetail Deer Hunting in Oklahoma

Our free-range whitetail deer hunts produce large bodied, Boone and Crockett class deer year after year. Our state’s black powder season occurs during the rut, giving you a great chance to take a trophy buck while chasing does. Your package includes all lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the hunting area. We offer these semi-guided Oklahoma deer hunts for rifle, black powder and bow hunts alike. Hunters are allowed to harvest the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation state limits on all or free-ranging whitetail hunts. Your deer hunt includes lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the hunting area each day. After the harvest, your deer will be field dressed and taken to a Check Station for documentation as per Oklahoma state regulations. We can make arrangements for processing your deer or the donation of the venison to local charities at your request.

Throughout the property we have several feeders and planted food plots to attract and supplement the diet of all of our wildlife. Though most of our hunting takes place in and around these areas, we can tailor a hunt to fit your wants and needs. Our number one goal is to provide you with great opportunities for a harvest while on your deer hunting trip. Though we cannot guarantee a harvest on our free range deer hunts, be assured, Riverview Ranch will do everything we possibly can to ensure your Oklahoma hunting trip is successful and an enjoyable experience.

The cost for this Oklahoma deer hunting trip, which includes four days of lodging and meals for only $3,500

An Oklahoma Annual Hunting license is required and can be purchased over the counter. Please check with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for accurate and up to date information for game animal limits, license prices, current rules and regulations.