Experience The Ultimate In Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts at Riverview Ranch

Hunt Riverview Ranch for some of the finest whitetail deer in our region. The whitetail population is thriving on our Western Oklahoma ranch, and we have an excellent population of bucks and whitetails year after year.

We offer guided whitetail deer hunts during multiple seasons, and we have several options, including muzzle loader season in late fall, bow season from October through January, and rifle season from mid-November through early December. Take advantage of our whitetail low fence hunting — including four days of lodging and meals for $3,500.

Whitetail Deer Hunt Prices

  • 160-170 inches | $5,000
  • 170-180 inches | $6,250
  • 180-190 inches | $7,500
  • 190-200 inches | $8,750
  • 200-215 inches | $9,750
  • 215-230 inches | $11,250
  • 230-250 inches | $12,500
  • 250-275 inches | $14,000
  • 275-300 inches | $15,500
  • 300-325 inches | $17,500


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Three meals and snacks are provided daily. Firearms are also provided upon request. Find out about our customized corporate hunts or treat yourself and friends to a getaway.

We also offer wild hog hunts, exotic hunts, and three-day low fence hunts during rifle, bow and muzzle loader season. Call to learn more on pricing and availability.